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High Performance Hormann Flexon Doors and Dock Equipment Hormann Flexon Doors and Dock Equipment

In today’s worldwide marketplace for building materials, the name Hörmann has become synonymous with doors and operators. The Hörmann Group has not only established itself as Europe’s leading supplier, but has also demonstrated its global presence with major operations in Russia, China and now North America. Hörmann manufactures in 15 highly specialized production facilities and has operations in more than 40 countries. It is a success story achieved through a family business that realized steady growth over decades, through a commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. Hörmann Flexon is dedicated to the same philosophies of innovation, quality and customer service, and is proud to be able to incorporate German engineered doors into a proven product line; to manufacture industrial door and loading dock products that are keeping with the quality and dependability customers want.

All products manufactured by Hörmann Flexon are designed with a focus on simplicity and dependability and contribute to reducing energy consumption; enhancing materials flow; improving employee safety; and, decreasing overall maintenance expenditures.

The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U high speed security door with superior insulating qualities and fast opening speed of up to 80” per second contributes to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs; ideal for new automobile dealerships and condominiums. The Speed-Master® Series of high speed roll-up doors offers three models with the dependable, sectional panel design, direct-drive motor and low-profile guide tracks; ideal for waste management facilities and mass transit maintenance garages. The Speed-Commander™ 1400 with built-in light grid has an impressive opening speed of up to 80” per second, which promotes effective material handling and contributes to energy savings; perfect for any interior location where environmental control is desired.

Please visit www.hormann-flexon.com and www.hormann.us for more information on high performance doors and dock equipment from Hörmann Flexon.

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